Manly Warringah U/14 PC - Round 4
Date of Event : Fri Dec 22, 2017 11:43AM

U14 Anthony Neale Cup Round 4

North Shore (7/165cc) defeated by Manly (6/168)

Jackson Griffiths 62*,  Jack Reilly 33

Finlay Marks 10-2- 2/24, Jasper Straetemans 8-2- 2/27. Jack Reilly 9-0- 2/30

GYG Man of the Match: Jackson Griffiths


Christmas came early for the U14 Preso’s with a great win over North Shore. Yep, after 4 years this age group has finally taken NS down... tick that off your bucket list!


With another toss loss, the boys were sent in to field on a freshly mowed Terrey Hills Oval in perfect conditions – a slight breeze, a few clouds and the ear piercing deafening ring of cicadas accompanied by the refreshing aroma from a Kimbriki tip burn-off.


Our opening bowlers Zac Wishart and Sam Debien ensured runs were hard to come by and with overs also from Hurshwin Sharma and Jasper Straetemans NS were 0/32 at the 13th. In typical kamikaze style Nathan Colyer put his body on the line in the field but the Manly boys took their eyes off the prize as wicketless frustration set in and a few fielding mishaps had NS 0/75 in the 24th.


With the NS opening pair struggling with the Manly off/leg spin combo of Ben Eady and Finlay Marks it was no surprise the first wicket fell – bowled Marks, caught Eady – a perfect reward for a great spell of bowling. At the half way mark NS were 1/78. As usual the drinks break after the 28th had the boys return to the field pumped and the next 4 wickets fell for just 15 runs with  Jack Reilly claiming 2 of them including a fantastic stumping from Hayden Calvert.

At 5/124 in the 42nd a bowling change saw Jack Chick take the ball and the change in pace messed with the batter and middle stump went flying – a wicket maiden was just what was needed.  What the NS tail didn’t realise was that Straetemans was warming up for his 2nd spell and how he managed to send leg & off stumps flying with middle stump not moving at all is something we will never know. 2 wickets to Straetemans and NS finished up 7/165. You beauty!


With years of not being able to beat North Shore on the field, the Manly catering team were keen to win with the buffet knocking up an impressive menu with everything from Kofta’s to caramel slice in a display fit for a Sheraton dining room.


The opening batting pair of Reilly & Chick was patient to start but a great ball had Chick caught behind and we were 1/22 in the 8th. With dark clouds looming above the Manly parents applied the Duckworth-Lewis formula but agreed to not agree and instead prey for the threatening weather to go back where it came from.


At 2/60 in the 25th we were behind target and the nail biting began. Reilly (33) & Colyer(19) partnered well before Reilly was caught & Colyer was given out LBW. Ouch, 4/80 in the 31st. With 2 fresh batsmen at the crease, Jimmy Downs and Jackson Griffiths, the instruction was to settle for a couple of overs and for Griffiths to start swinging. Downs partnered well giving Griffiths the strike where possible.


Play was interrupted when team mascot Chewie decided it was time for a streaker to provide some entertainment much to the delight of the NS fielders. Play resumed and Griffiths was looking even more dangerous. When Downs was caught the Coaches sent in power hitters Sharma followed by Straetemans to support Griffiths who had now reached his 50, including 9 x 4’s.


It was now 6/131 in the 41st and we needed 35 runs from 54 balls.  The Griffiths/ Straetemans combo continued to delight the Manly supporters with some power hitting and quick running between the wickets and it was Griffiths who deservedly hit with the winning runs with 1 ½ overs to spare.


This was a huge win for these boys and a major tick off the bucket list.  A well deserved team dinner at the local Tavern was in order. Well done boys and congratulations Jackson Griffiths for his match winning innings.


Thanks to the coaches, manager, scorers & parents for their support.

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