Match Report - U13 DCA Mollie Dive Girls Grand Final
Date of Event : Tue Nov 28, 2017 9:39AM

Under 13 Girls DCA Mollie Dive Shield

Grand Final vs. Bankstown, 19th Nov 2017

Lionel Watts 2, Belrose


Manly Warringah all out for 52 (28 overs) defeated by Bankstown 6/53 (16 overs)


Mia Nel                            10

Hannah Woolf                 6

Ellie James                        6

Amelia Sim                       4

Jessica Mulcahy               4

Kate Salmon                     4 

Chelsea McLerie              3 not out

Chloe Osborne                 2

Lulu Ryals                          2

Jessica Manning               

Breanna Henry                 1


Mia Nel                               2/2   

Jessica Mulcahy                1/13   

Chelsea McLerie               1/19

Chloe Osborne                  0/2   (incl 1 maiden) 

Breanna Henry                  0/3 

Ellie James                         0/5 (incl 1 maiden)

Abbey Melville                  0/8   

Amelia Sim                          DNB– 1 catch    

Lulu Ryals                            DNB – 1 catch


Grand Final day was here! Unpredicted fine weather and the field was green and not recently mown after rain during the week.  It wouldn’t be a fast field and would test the batters to get a good score.


Manly won the toss and elected to bat.


Amelia Sim and Mia Nel once again opened the batting against a very competent set of opening bowlers.  The girls started well with some solid hits and great defensive strokes to see out the 4 overs of fast bowling.  The field was set very tight and Bankstown meant business.  Our girls were calm and displayed some excellent calling and running between the wickets.


Mia survived an high edge shot but soon after Amelia fell fowl to the opening bowler in her 3rd over with a ‘not quite strong enough to get over their heads’ front foot drive.  Manly was on 1/12 after 5 overs, not a panic at this stage, plenty of solid batters to come.


Mia and Jess took the crease for another 6 overs and adding 9 on the score before Jess was bowled, the first of 3 batters to be dismissed by the same #4 bowler.  Really good calling by the girls and defensive shots. We were 2/21 after 10 overs, we needed to up the run rate now but Bankstown continued to bowl and field tightly and runs were tough.


Mia Nel followed soon after, bowled out in the 11th over after a brief soiree with Breanna but no extra runs on the score. Mia had faced a lot of balls and at 10 runs ended up being our highest score for the team – it was tough out there.


Breanna was caught a couple of balls later, the 2nd scalp for Bankstown’s #4 bowler and Chloe Osborne followed in the same over after a great start with a strong shot yielding 2 much needed runs.  All of a sudden we were 5/26 after 12 overs!


We now Had Kate Salmon and Hannah Woolf in the centre, both solid batters and they really steadied the ship in the next 4 overs.  Excellent calling and running, scraping together another 8 runs before Kate was also bowled out.  That was a blow, Kate has been a solid run scorer for the season and she and Hannah looked set to get us back on the path to a defendable score.  6/34 at 17 overs.


Ellie James came to the crease but the next over lost her batting partner as Hannah was also bowled out.  It’s a tough gig coming in at #8 with the opposition team smelling blood but Ellie was composed and displayed excellent skills partnering with Hannnah for 2, Lulu (bowled) for 3, Jess Manning (run out) for another 7 before finally being bowled out for 6.  Chelsea McLerie was the last man standing with 3 not out after also putting a really solid batting performance together.


Manly were all out in the 28th over for just 52 runs.  We needed to bowl well….


Another great lunch and the girls were back warming up for their bowling spell.  We have a team of bowlers so it was eminently do-able.


We opened again with Chelsea and Abbey who did a stellar job with Chelsea taking a wicket in her first over which was an exciting and promising start. Unfortunately though, at the end of our opening 5 overs we were 1/27 vs 1/13 comparison to our innings.  Bankstown were taking no prisoners, they were out to score quickly.  Chloe Osborne’s maiden over was a welcome respite and Jess Mulcahy continued to tighten the run rate in her first 2 overs.   


Of note in our fielding spell was the enthusiastic chatter on the field – all of the girls talking with the effect being great energy and excitement for the spectators.  They kept this up to the end, a real credit to them.


Our second wicket came in the 7nd over with a run out from a throw in from Lulu showing amazing presence of mind out in the field.  She chased the ball down, turned amid all of the yelling was throwing to one end but changed her trajectory as she saw an obvious gap at the other end.  Absolutely brilliant fielding!


Bankstown continued to get closer to our total and at were 2/40 when Jess Mulcahy came in for her 3rd over and tightened the field. What followed was a lovely balanced catch from Lulu Ryals, at point. 


Immediately after this off an Ellie James delivery was another very confident catch from Amelia Sim at silly mid off.  Ellie had bowled a wicket maiden and there was a glimmer of hope with 4/43 after 12 overs although by comparison we were 5/26 at this point but… cricket is one of those games – it can change in an over!


Bankstown continued to chip away for the ensuing 4 overs with Mia taking the 2 wickets in a tidy over. The incoming batters were looking very nervous and tentative and Manly smelt a chance. Unfortunately they surpassed our score in 16th.  Another 20 runs by Manly and we may have had them. As you can imagine, the cheering erupted from the other side of the field and they all ran to the pitch to celebrate with their batters!  It was a deserved win by Bankstown, they played brilliantly.


Our girls also really gave it a go and were fantastic at the death, fighting to the very end. They have done us proud for the entire season and gave us an exciting grand final game!

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