MWJCA - Beaches to Bush Donation to OJCA
Date of Event Manly Warringah Junior Cricket Association: Thu Feb 27, 2020 9:15AM

Dear Manly Warringah Junior Cricket Association Executive,


Orange District Junior Cricket Association would like express sincere gratitude for your extremely
generous support of junior cricket in Orange, NSW by way of your donation of $3,228.73.
This cricket season has been a difficult one in terms of conditions, with the drought becoming
severe and level 5 water restrictions in place in Orange all season.


Orange is very fortunate to have 9 turf wickets, and we pride ourselves on getting our juniors
exposure on turf wickets at a young age because of this. Our rep teams play on turf from U12’s
and we also try to have U14 club and above played on turf wickets. This season more than ever
has highlighted difficulties with our climate and wicket preparation. We have struggles every year
but the dryness has made it much worse.


Our nights generally stay quite cold well into November, so the grass on our wickets stays dormant
for a long time. It is very hard for the ground staff to get good grass coverage on our wickets much
before the Christmas break. A lack of grass cover, coupled with dry conditions has seen our
wickets crumble and break-up badly this season.


In conjunction with Orange City Council, Orange District Junior Cricket Association is proud to be
able to, with the help of Manly Warringah Junior Cricket purchase growth mats for several turf
wicket squares, so that they can be used early in the season preparations next season to combat
our cool nights and help promote good grass coverage earlier, which will make for better wickets
throughout and especially at the back end of the season.


This will directly allow us to get more juniors exposure on turf. Instead of having to rest whole
squares for weeks to recover, a good grass cover early will allow quicker recovery times and more
flexibility with pitch rotations by ground staff. If conditions continue to be dry, the grass coverage is
key to being able to hold the wicket together.


From everyone involved in Orange Junior Cricket, I whole heartedly thank Manly Warringah Junior
Cricket for their very generous support and look forward to being able to welcome you to Orange at
some stage in the near future to play on our well grassed turf wickets.

Last updated: Thursday February 27, 2020 9:16AM