U12 Presidents Cup Report - Round 1 v Penrith
Date of Event : Tue Dec 4, 2018 10:07AM

Round 1 – Strap yourselves in

Round 1 vs Penrith

U12 Presidents Cup

Sunday 2nd December at Mulgoa Rise, Penrith

Penrith won the toss and elected to field

Manly Warringah 6/169 (40 overs) beat Penrith 11/72 (27.5 overs)

Angus McGrath 48, Oliver Goldsworthy 32,  Angus Williams 28, Archie Rochford 14*

Robbie Tipton 4-1-0-7Jack Toohey 4-4-0-0Saurav Holla 4-0-0-22Will Read 4-2-1-5Luke Watts 1-0-0-1Archie Rochford 4-0-1-18Zach Buchanan 4-0-1-8 Angus Williams 1.5-0-4-3 Jack Donnan 1-0-0-3

Oliver Mann (wk) 1 stumping, 1 catch, 2 assists


Round 1 and I’ve already had to reach for the dictionary. ‘Our team work and partnerships were p-h-e-n-o-m-e-n-a-l’. That’s how skipper Angus Williams described this opening performance. He was right. In Round 1 this team hardly put a foot wrong.


Manly arrived early in Sydney’s wild and windy west. We were expecting a 38oC scorcher so the shade tents went up fast and the team settled into pre-game routines.


Penrith won the toss, but that’s all. After putting Manly in to bat, Penrith were chasing the game for the rest of the day. Angus McGrath and Ollie Goldsworthy built a rock-solid opening partnership of 75 off 18 overs. It was a partnership crafted in one’s and two’s, and plenty of effort kept the run rate above four despite the scarcity of boundaries. At 20 overs Manly were comfortable at 1 for 81.


The second drinks break lifted Penrith and their best spell followed. For the next ten overs Manly were restricted to three an over, which meant that leading into the thirtieth over the match was delicately poised at 3 for 111.  Now, I know, what some of you are thinking. Superstition plays its part in cricket; today was no exception. Nelson brought the fourth wicket with him and unfortunately it was McGrath, caught behind on 48, just shy of a half-century. Manly 4 for 111 and Penrith with half-a-chance.


With Manly’s Skipper now at the crease, that chance was quickly snuffed with some exciting stroke play and assertive running. Supported with helpful contributions from Archie Rochford and Zac Buchanan, the Skipper set a commanding innings total of 6/169. Williams even made exit-ing, exciting – being caught and run out off a NO BALL.


Willow’s lusty blows paled into insignificance compared to the wind that came during the lunch break. It was enough to send the unwelcome Nelson all the way back to Trafalgar. Despite the best efforts of the Manly supporters it ripped apart one of Manly’s three marquees and packed the others away for the rest of the day!



It wasn’t the strong wind that sent Penrith’s chances of winning packing. That was left to an exceptional team bowling, wicket keeping and fielding performance. A remarkable opening spell of four straight maidens from Jack Toohey, a fifth from his opening partner Robbie Tipton and a sixth from Will Read kept Penrith in the blocks. 0 for 10 in the tenth over.


Luke Watts came on with another tight over to allow a change of ends for Saurav Holla. Every ball important because inevitably run rate pressure leads to wickets, and the team all deserved wickets. They soon came. Three successive run outs from Buchanan/ Toohey, then Buchanan direct, then Read/ Mann started the slide. Then a peach (or a plumb) of an LBW from Will Read for a wicket maiden and Penrith at 4/24.


A catch to McGrath off Archie Rochford’s leg spin got the fifth, Zac Buchanan’s clean bowled would have sent the bails flying – if we were using any.  Then another run out, this time Toohey assisted by Mann to take the seventh. All of a sudden Penrith 7/57.


What happened next brought play to an incredible close. Two bowlers, four wickets, five runs in fifteen balls. All four wickets came from the skipper, but it wouldn’t have happened without help from his team. His first was stumped byMann, then a tight over from Jack Donnan into the wind. Then a final over flurry of wickets. Angus Williams’ second wicket caught by Read, the third caught by Ollie Mann to round off an excellent day with the gloves, then the fourth and Penrith’s final wicket was clean bowled. Williams finishing 4 for 3 off 1.5 overs.  Leaving him poised to take a hattrick with the first ball of his next match - now that would be p-h-e-n-o-m-e-n-a-l.


Both captain’s said it well at the lunch break. Success on the field only comes thanks to team efforts; whether it’s making lunch, setting coaching drills, picking the team, cooling drinks bottles in the esky, backing-up in the field or umpiring. Every bit of effort and support counts on and off the field. Today’s result was a collective victory.


Our thanks to Penrith for hosting us and for lunch and to Micheal the allocated umpire. Thanks also to Manly U12 DCA and U11 PCA for our trial games. We put our lessons about energy levels, closing out games and staying sharp in the field to good use today.


Hold on to your hats - with harder opponents to come - this season may get wild !

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