Cricket for us older folks
Date of Event : Wed Nov 21, 2018 4:27PM

Are you currently putting all of your cricket energy into your child's cricket but want to play yourself? Did you used to play cricket in your younger days and think your best years may be ahead of you? Then get back into the game by playing "Masters" (over 40s) or "Classics" (over 50s) cricket for Warringah Cricket Club. 

Warringah Cricket Club has teams in both Masters and Classics competitions. The teams play on alternate Sundays on turf wickets at some beautiful grounds around Sydney. Matches are competitive but played in a friendly manner which makes it a lot of fun. Matches typically start around 12:15 and home games are usually played at Weldon Oval. 

We're always looking for new cricket chums and we're a mixed bag with players at all levels of skill as appropriate for our time of life! If you're interested in playing in the 2018/19 season please contact

Last updated: Wednesday November 21, 2018 4:32PM
Author: Phill Edwards