Match Report - U15 Margaret Peden Girls Round 3
Date of Event Manly Warringah Junior Cricket Association: Tue Nov 6, 2018 1:39PM

Canterbury-Western Suburbs 102 (38 overs)

Amelia Sim (5/2/0/8)

Chelsea McLerie (5/3/2/5)

Gemma Lacey (3/0/0/13)

Jasmin Wilson (4/2/1/3)

Robyn Medley (4/2/1/7)

Sienna James (3/0/0/25)

Jess Mulcahy (5/2/4/7)

Jess Manning (3/0/0/9)

Abbey Melville (3/0/0/7)

Mia Nel (3/0/1/12)


defeated by Manly-Warringah 4/104 (24 overs)
Jessica Mulcahy 11
Hannah Woolf 23
Mia Nel 3
Sienna James 35 (off 27 balls)
Gemma Lacey 9no
Amelia Sim 7no
Thank you to Amelia Sim for collating this report from notes taken by the players during the game.

1st Innings – Bowling

It was a stunning day in Riverwood albeit a little cold to start and a beautifully prepared Lance Hutchison Oval.  Unfortunately, Gemma got a bee sting on her hand while the girls were warming up but she gamely continued on with ice managing the pain. Manly had won the toss and elected to bowl first.

Amelia Sim and Chelsea McLerie opened the bowling tightly with Manly picking up an early run out from Jess Mulcahy’s sharp fielding at point and quick throwing off an edge on Amelia’s bowling. Chelsea then cleaned up the other opener, bowling her out with her first ball in her second over. A couple of good hits off Chelsea failed to make the boundary with the outfield deceptively slow to the south.  The run rate was not as our opponent would like with 2/14 after our openers’ first 8 overs.

The next batter got injured a short way into her time at the crease and in a very responsible and sportswoman like action, Sienna James help her hobble off the field. See pic below.

The next two bowlers were Gemma Lacey and Jasmine Wilson keeping up the good form at first change. Gemma getting some nice swing on the ball and the batters having no response to Jaz at the other end in her relentless attack.

After the first drinks break the Canterbury batters were regrouping and had started to form a good partnership. Robyn Medley then got a caught and bowled with an amazing inswing delivery. Jess Manning and Jess Mulcahy bowled well together until Mia Nel gets a nice catch in slip off Jess’ Mulcahy’s bowling to take out a key batter from the other side. Soon after Jess Mulcahy continues the great work by bowling the batters middle stump. Next batter is dismissed for a golden duck with Robyn taking a catch at short cover off Jess. Canterbury were now 6/68 off 25 overs and we had broken their rhythm.

Then comes a hat-trick ball which is played defensively, Manly very chatty and on their toes confident they can finish off the tail.

Spin bowler Mia Nel comes into action and immediately gets a wicket caught by Robyn. The batters are rattled as Abbey Melville comes in to bowl and there is almost a good diving catch by Sienna. After the second drinks break Canterbury is 7/79 after 30 overs. Bowlers Mia and Abbey keep the batters nervous and Manly are unlucky not to get another wicket or two. Some good fielding by Robyn saving an overthrow that was certain to go for four.

Robyn came back in to the bowling attack and confusion between the batters almost led to a run out, this was followed by a great catch behind by Hannah Woolfoff Jasmine. Jess Mulcahy then came in for a final over and Robyn taking her 4th catch of the day at short cover with a skied ball off the batter’s top edge.

The retired player then returned to the crease with a runner, soon to be cleaned up by Chelsea with a perfect yorker.

All out for 102 runs at 38 overs!


2nd Innings - Batting

We all had a fabulous lunch provided by Canterbury Western Suburbs, great food, served with a smile and tons of it.  We had a very full team as they prepared to go in to bat.

Hannah Woolf (Birthday Girl!) and Jess Mulcahy came in as our opening batting duo and weathered the storm of the openers.  The bowling was strong and their fielding was very aggressive with runs hard to come by but brilliant calling between Hannah and Jess maximised any runs on offer with a couple of 2’s taken which could comfortably have been singles.  Well done girls.

Jess ended up caught off one of the openers in the 7th over and at 8 overs the score was 1/17 so we were behind the required run rate at that point but plenty of time to get the runs flowing.  Mia Nel replaced Jess at the crease but after a great defensive display was dismissed with a catch at the right of square leg.  Hannah and Mia had upped the overall score with a few sneaky runs off byes, great calling girls!

We were 2/23 in the 12th over, still lots of work to do.

Sienna James was our next in batting at number 4 and immediately made her mark.  With aggressive fielding stifling the singles Sienna popped her first 2 balls over their heads for 4’s!

The calling continued strongly and the girls started to play a bit more aggressively hitting the ball hard causing a couple of dropped catches. Hannah and Sienna settled in for a sensational partnership of 52 runs really cementing our innings. 

Sienna (35) put on a lovely batting display with 5 x 4’s and a wicked 6 taking out a boundary cone before being caught out with the return of their opening bowler.

Hannah (23) was bowled in the next over and we were 4/79 in the 20th over. With plenty of overs to come and wickets still in hand, our run rate was now not a problem.

Canterbury continued with the opening bowlers and then added a bit of spin to the mix to try and break our momentum further.  The next 2 batters were having nothing of it though, Gemma Lacey and Amelia Sim pulled together a further 25 run partnership in just 4 overs to take the game in the 24th over at 4/104.  Beautiful running and calling between the pair and they were both itching to stay out there! 


Great game for the girls, and a lovely birthday present for Hannah celebrated with some welcomed cup cakes after the match.


A very deserved Sienna James was awarded Player of the Match for her incredible batting display but in particular for her great Spirit of Cricket! 



Go Manly!



Sienna spirit of cricket


 Sienna assisting opposition player from the field



Sienna p.o.m

Sienna James Player of the Match round 3

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