Margaret Peden U15 Girls round 2 vs Greater Illawarra. 21st October
Date of Event Manly Warringah Junior Cricket Association: Mon Oct 29, 2018 10:32AM

Manly-Warringah 206 def Greater Illawarra 9/156
Jessica Mulcahy 102 not out.
Thank you to Robyn Medley and Sienna James for collating this report from notes taken by the players during the game.

1st Innings - Batting

Manly lost the toss and were sent out to bat first. Mia Nel (14) and Jess Mulcahy (102no) were set to open the batting. The pair started the innings with a solid platform, constantly turning the strike over; hitting fours and running twos and singles. Unfortunately, after the solid start Mia is bowled and the skipper Robyn Medley (23) comes in for a bat.


The pair worked well together, running between the wickets and hitting into the gaps. At drinks Manly were 1/69 and are feeling comfortable with the run rate. The pair carry on looking for quick singles and ticking over the strike, a few overs pass and Jess gets her 50. Jess and Robyn carry on until Robyn is bowled by a full toss. Sienna James (0) comes in but sadly is bowled after a few balls. Breanna Henry (2) comes in scoring a quick two runs before getting trapped lbw.


After 25 overs Manly is 4/134 with Jess still going strong.


Hannah Woolf (1) comes in to assist Jess, making quick runs. Hannah and Jess both running well but after making a quick 8 run partnership Hannah gets bowled as well. Amelia Sim (10) walked out the middle next and is batting well, after a few quick wickets both batters knew we needed to consolidate. We had runs on the board and so were not making any risky decisions, gradually ticking over the strike and hitting well into the gaps building a partnership.


After a quick single Jess is put on strike with needing four runs to get her first century. The ball is bowled down leg and she smacks it for four. The Manly girls scream with excitement for her running toward the boundary, clapping and screaming loudly. The ball hits the boundary and Jess is standing on the pitch with a massive smile on her face. She lifts her bat up, and the girls all celebrate.


The pair carry on batting strongly before Amelia gets bowled and Gemma Lacey (1) goes in. Not long after Gemma also gets bowled this time by a full toss. Chelsea Mclerie (5) comes in and hits some very nice shots before getting bowled and having the last batter Abbey Melville (0) come in. Shortly after Abbey is bowled and our innings ends with Jess 102 not out and having batted through the innings for a total of 39 overs. The Girls run the boundary and quickly make a guard of honour for Jess to run though. She does so with the biggest smile on her face. Congrats Jess!


2nd Innings - Bowling

Amelia Sim (6/1/2/11) opened the bowling and got an early break through wicket by bowling the opening batter, middle stump. Chelsea McLerie (4/0/1/8) continued the amazing start by clean bowling the other opener on her first ball. Hannah behind the stumps doing an amazing job and not letting any balls past her. Intense fielding from Breanna nearly getting a run out. Fantastic fielding from everyone and there was great energy in the field with plenty of chatter and encouragement from everyone. Amelia then finishes off the spell with two well-bowled overs. Tight fielding from Jess Mulcahy keeping their strongest batter from getting any fours. Gemma Lacey (3/0/0/12) bowled well and Jess Manning (3/1/1/13) took a tough caught and bowled as a result of good pressure in the field and accurate bowling. Sienna James (4/2/2/18) and Robyn Medley (4/1/2/6/) come on to bowl the next spell. The pair working well together with Robyn’s great in-swinging yorker length and Sienna flighted off spinners and varying her speed with all balls targeting the stumps.


The Illawarra batters re-grouped. Jess Mulcahy (3/0/0/12) and Mia Nel (3/0/024) continued the good bowling but Illawara had a strong batter now well set and starting to look dangerous. Jasmin Wilson (3/0/1/17) and Abbey Melville (3/0/0/10) tried hard also but couldn’t get the break through despite a great solo appeal from Hannah in an attempt for an LBW call. The energy stayed high continuing on with loud appealing from all the girls on a couple of close calls. Breanna Henry (3/0/0/21) tried to tempt their batter into a false shot that didn’t come.


Illawarra were starting to slip behind the required run rate with all girls bowling very well making them block the ball and limiting their scoring opportunities. The team was now focusing on saving the boundaries as Illawarra could not win by just scoring singles. All making sure we put our bodies on the line. Sienna came back into bowl and got a wicket, which nicked the edge of the bat and hit the stumps. Robyn coming back on to bowl then picked up 2 wickets. One crashed the base of the stumps and the other hitting middle stump to finish the innings.


The game ended with Illawarra coming up 50 runs short to make it 2 from 2 for the Manly girls. A strong all round bowling and fielding performance with half the extras of Illawarra. The game highlighted by the first ever (we think?) Manly hundred in girls junior rep cricket.


Go Manly!


Player of the match couldn’t be anyone else but Jessica Mulcahy for a chanceless hundred not out.


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