U15 Presidents Cup round 4
Date of Event : Fri Dec 22, 2017 11:45AM

Under 15s Presidents Cup

Manly-Warringah v Newcastle

Venue: Newcastle No.1

Manly-Warringah: 10 for 158 

Riley Kennedy 65

Noah Moss 28 

Pat Campbell 27


Newcastle: All Out: 157 

Patrick Campbell 4/29 off 6.2 overs

Liam Chang 2/12 off 7 overs

 Noah Kasmar 2/17 off 6 overs


“Road Trip”…….the Preso All Stars hitting the M1 up the highway for their fourth-round clash with Newcastle obviously in Newcastle. For many it was a like a Griswolds family vacation in search of Wally World.

The two-hour trip was worthwhile with a chance to play on the famed Newcastle No.1 ground, which has hosted many famous touring teams in the past from the West Indies to England and now our humble Manly side. A new strip awaited along with boundaries bigger than a Texas ranch

If you visit the casino over the holidays, for a sneaky game of two-up, make sure you take our skipper Noah Kasmar. He won his fifth straight toss and in an effort to mix it up, elected to bowl first on a good pitch.

Our very own “Silent Assassin” Zac Thomas was off the long run for the first time this season, and showed no signs of a back injury. His opening spell fast, vicious on occasions with the hope of so much more to come. From the other end Noah Moss was accurate with a couple of good early shouts. Newcastle had moved to none for 27 after 9 overs.

Liam Chang provided the first break through with only his fourth ball in his first over, sending the off bail flying.

Riley Kennedy dropped a sharp chance at gully, obviously his catching genes are from his mum’s side of the family.

In contrast, Matt Kuchel is now a contender, along with Henry Thomas, for catch of the season. With no regard for life or limb, Kuchel contorted his body sideways at full stretch to hold on to a screamer at midwicket from a good ball from Pat Campbell, it was now 2 for 29.

One run later a nice bonus for Manly, a terrible call cost Newcastle, Chang calm with the throw from the outfield and as always Murphy clinical with the gloves, the home-side 3 for 30 after 12 overs.

Chang, bowling stump to stump gained further reward with a positive LBW decision, while at the other end Cormac O’Donnell has proved a more than worthy substitute forcing a rash shot in his second over and that man Chang was waiting with safe hands in the field.

Novocastrians are noted for their fighting spirit and this Newcastle team was no different. Our spin twins Kasmar and Kuchel, made good use of the conditions but the locals kept finding the vast vacant areas of the Newcastle No.1. Noah finishing with 2 for 17, Kuchel picked up a wicket, which was well caught by Liam Hart.

Newcastle’s tail deciding to go down swinging, which was a good idea and it paid off, with a solid rear-guard fightback. Nothing spectacular but runs did flow.

Campbell’s first over of second spell changed all that, he went “bang, bang” and found himself on a hat-trick. He missed, but notched the best bowling figures of 3 for 29. During that over a dangerous collision between Thomas and Kasmar was avoided from a high ball, there was only going to be one winner there.

Newcastle were bowled out in the 48th over but somehow had crept to a more than formidable total of 158 runs in the process.

 Must admit according to the kids, the big surprise was the lunch. After setting the bench mark the week before Deb Kasmar’s catering is now being challenged. There was pizza, that’s right pizza, freshly made wraps, sausages and onions. Pretty impressive stuff.

Coach Ross Trewartha opted for a reshuffle of the batting line-up, Chang joining Tom Wunsch at the top of the innings, there was no dramas until Wunsch trying to do the right thing went for a quick single on a keeper fumble, only to see him whip the glove off, turn blind and throw down the stumps.

Chang moved nicely to 12, before he edged a ball, while Liam Hart was boosted to number 3, but just poked at a delivery wide of off-stump and also feathered a catch on 2.

All of a sudden lunch wasn’t sitting so pretty in stomach. Manly 3 down for 25 in the 10th over and in a bit of strife.

Chasing totals or building totals is all about partnerships. Noah Moss joined Kennedy at the crease and the pair went about a salvage mission. Neither allowed the bowlers to settle into a rhythm, picking up singles or doubles whenever possible. Moss moved stylishly to 28 before he dabbled outside his off-stump and the keeper took the catch, a fine partnership of 67 ended.

At 4 for 92, much more was needed, and Pat Campbell answered the call. Like Moss combining with Kennedy in an aggressive partnership of 60, before Pat on 27 found a faint edge and the keeper obliged.

In pretty oppressive conditions, Riley continue to squeeze the perspiration from his helmet and ride his luck, a nice off-drive bringing up his half-century, the second of the season, with great appreciation from his teammates. 

For the first time in a long time, coach Trewartha could see a disaster unfolding “one wicket can quickly become six” and Ross wasn’t far wrong.

Kuchel (0) looking to keep the pressure on, went for the thundering pull shot, but it went skywards and was caught.

When Kennedy was out for 65, only 8 runs were needed for victory with 8 overs remaining. Sounded simple but it wasn’t.

Unfortunately, wickets tumbled, Dom Murphy (0) still shaking his head all the way back to the northern beaches over a harsh LBW decision, Zac (1) went for the big shot and the keeper was presented with another catch. 

Henry Thomas (1) uses his head far too much when batting, he was struck on the helmet for the second time in the past three weeks. Kasmar (0) sacrificed his wicket going for a second run, with Manly still needing 3 runs to win with only one wicket left.

Tension was high, with Manly attempting to clutch defeat from the jaws of victory. Oblivious to the pressure Henry, keeping his head (only just) ran through for a single to secure a thrilling win.

You see kids, there really is a Santa Claus.

Manly have now had 3 wins from 4 matches to being well placed on the table.

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