U 12's President's Cup Round 4
Date of Event : Fri Dec 22, 2017 11:44AM

Under 12 Alfred James Cup – Sunday 17th of December 2017 at Collaroy Plateau Park

Hornsby Red won the toss and decided to bat.

Hornsby Red 7/195 (50) def Manly Warringah 11/79 (39.1).


Vehaan Akbarrally (12)

Will Day (12)

Gus Anderson (11)

George Saunders (9)

Archie Hodgson (7)


Dylan Vlatko 7-0-25-2

Josh Lawson 8-1-30-1

Patrick Day 6-0-15-0

Gus Anderson 8-1-23-0

George Saunders 6-1-19-0


After an early morning thunderstorm, Manly-Warringah hosted the undefeated Hornsby Red.  Starting the match under grey clouds the boys trotted onto the field behind their captain Josh Lawson.

Josh Lawson and George Saunders took the new ball and put the openers under pressure with a quality display of tight line and length bowling.  In his second over Josh drew an edge that flew into the gloves of Will Day to secure the first wicket of the match.

At 1/20 after 8 overs it was Dylan Vlatko and Angus Williams turn to apply the pressure. In his first over Dylan delivered a thunderbolt that was too good for the batsmen, out LBW.  The boys were up and about and looking to capitalise on a great start.

Hornsby 2/50 off 15 overs.

Another double bowling change saw Gus Anderson and Archie Hodgson combine for a long spell of spin bowling.  Although the wickets did not come they were able to contain the run rate.  As the clouds began to clear a bowling change was made at the Southern end, with Patrick Day bowling fast and consistent full length deliveries that swung both ways and continued to dry up the runs. 

Hornsby 2/97 off 30 overs.

Replacing Gus, Seth Thompson continued the high quality leg spin from the Northern end.  However the batsmen were now well set and were under instruction to lift the run rate.  Luca Gavagna had his first bowl for the team and showed his talents against a strong batting pair.

Looking for the breakthrough Manly swung the bowling changes, bringing back quick bowlers Angus Williams & Josh Lawson.  But the batsmen were equal to the challenge and were starting to increase the run rate and take more risks.  Gus almost broke the partnership with a run out only denied by the ball turning square on the bounce.  Not long after a tough chance was dropped at square leg.

Hornsby 2-144 off 40 overs.

Then after a 35 over, 136 run partnership Manly finally got the breakthrough.  Always alert for a half chance in the field Will Day and George Saunders combined to run out the opening batsman in the 45th over.  And the old saying that a wicket brings more wickets proved to be true. Three more run outs followed within 5 overs as Angus Williams, Seth Thompson & Patrick Day showed why Manly have such a feared fielding outfit.

Dylan Vlatko and Patrick Day were then tasked with closing out the innings, which they did with aplomb keeping the run rate in check in spite of lusty swinging by the Hornsby tail.  Dylan picking up the final wicket of the innings with Archie taking a great catch at mid-on.

Hornsby 7-195 off 50 overs. 

Finishing the innings with 5 quick wickets the Manly boys had there tail up at the lunch break as they demolished the food provided by the hard working parents.  Coach Mick Day then took the boys aside to discuss the chase, leaving no doubt there were still plenty of runs available.

A new opening pair of Vehaan Akbarrally and Archie Hodgson jogged out to the middle and showed plenty of toughness against the big bowlers from Hornsby.  Unfortunately just as he was looking set, Archie was run out following a misfield at cover.  Gus Anderson strode out to the middle and showed confidence against the quick bowlers and the barrage of war cries from the Hornsby fielders.

Manly 1-19 off 15 overs.

Plenty of wickets in hand for Manly but the required run rate had slipped above 5 an over.  This pressure for runs increased through the afternoon and was the anvil over which Hornsby pounded away at Manly.  Vehaan soon joined Archie back in the pavilion – both openers run out. 

Seth Thompson came to the wicket in the 20th over with the score at 2-33 and quickly set about building a partnership with Gus.  But the chase for runs saw Gus caught at point as he went after a wider delivery. 

Out strode Jack Beverley who played an aggressive but short lived innings caught at backward point as he tried to put the ball into the mid-wicket boundary.  With the required run rate above 6 an over George came to the crease in the 27th over to be greeted by a Hornsby who were chirping in the field like a flock of budgies.  George was not fazed by this sending the ball over the infield multiple times, before he too was caught looking for consecutive boundaries. 

Manly 5-58 off 30 overs.

With the required run rate at 7 an over the middle order and tail began to take more risks.  Unfortunately this proved to be a slippery-slope as wickets fell with more regularity.  Seth and Luca fell to consecutive deliveries and Angus Williams survived the hat-trick but was caught soon after as he too chased runs.

Having watched wickets tumble around him Will Day was looking for a partner to hold up an end. After a trademark boundary through square leg, Will was unlucky to be run out following a misfield.

At 9-76 off 36 overs it was left to three of Manly’s quick bowlers Josh Lawson, Dylan Vlatko and Patrick Day to see out the innings.  Both Josh and Dylan were bowled attempting to put the ball back over the bowler’s head, leaving Patrick not out. 

Manly all out for 79 off 39.1 overs

It was a tough day at the office for the boys with Hornsby demonstrating the value of a big partnership played with positive intent.  But the Manly boys are resilient and were back in the middle playing more cricket after stumps looking forward to the match against Northern District (at Dundas) in February. 

Man of the match was Dylan Vlatko who bowled quick and tight and took two wickets without leaking runs. 

Special thanks to Angus Williams and Luca Gavagna who stepped into the team this week.  Also thanks to Mick Day for coaching, scorers Nick Beverley and John Gavagna, all the parents that catered, cooked and umpired & Guzman Y Gomez for sponsoring the MOM award.  

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