U13's Presidents Cup Round 2
Date of Event : Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:34PM

Round 2 – Manly Warringah (7/116 off 45 overs) def Penrith (10/114 of 50 overs) at Jamison Oval


Kai Connors

0/10 (6 overs)

Noah Sturzaker

1/15 (7 overs)

Will Pavely

0/11 (6 overs)

Mason Ballard

1/14 (7 overs)

Cam Frost

1/20 (9 overs)

Jasper Vajdic

1/21 (7 overs)

Mitch Gilligan

3/11 (6 overs)

Sentarou Murata-Davison

0/6 (2 overs)



Ollie Kantor-Smith


Whiley Toll


Mitch Gilligan


Charlie Johnston


Sentarou Murata-Davison


Jesse Reed


Kai Connors

11 not out

Will Pavely


Jasper Vajdic

1 not out


Manly notched up their first win of the season, clinching a tight game against Penrith. 


Out in Penrith, on a day that was hot, but not too hot, Will Pavely won the toss and elected to bowl. 

Unfortunately, Connors and Sturzaker couldn’t get the breakthrough, despite Connor’s good bowling. Sturzaker bowled a disastrous first over, but after a while, he managed to land one on the pitch, and from there he bowled economically. 


Pavely and Ballard couldn’t break the partnership and Manly had to wait until the batsman took a suicide run and Murata-Davison/Jesse Read combined to run him out. Four runs later, the new batsman was run out by Mitch Gilligan, the guy with the rocket arm, with a direct hit from square leg. The crowd went berserk and they only got louder when Reed stumped their main threat for 25, off a cleverly flighted ball from Cam. 


Jesse Reed then dismissed the new batsman the exact same way, this time off the bowling of Jasper Vajdic. Penrith had lost 4-15 , and the chaos was only just getting started. 11 runs later, Kantor-Smith took a catch to ensure Gilligan’s first wicket. Gilligan claimed another when Jasper took a good grab to send the batsman off for 11. Then, Gilligan chipped in with his third, Jasper Vajdic taking his 2nd catch. Penrith 7-71. 


Anyone who wanted to go home quickly so they could be on time for their primary school graduation were quickly denied, when the Penrith’s skipper, Cam Gomesz put on a 20-run stand. They wouldn’t be bowled, or caught, or  lbwed, so Charlie Johnston broke the partnership, with a flat throw directly over the stumps, with Whiley bringing down the ball onto the wickets like a hammer to the skull. 


Pilarowski (coolest last name ever!!!) was dismissed for 14 and Haldone quickly followed, Whiley taking a good keeper’s catch  off Ballard. Unfortunately, Gomesz wouldn’t be dismissed, and he stayed on like a drunk party guest. Their 10th wicket stand lasted 8 overs, 21 runs and drove further nail into the coffin of a certain opening bowler’s primary school graduation. Finally, that certain bowler got the wicket, Jesse Reed taking the catch, Penrith all out for 114. 


Needing 115 to win, Manly got off to a less than ideal start, with Whiley 1, edging a ball to keeper, with a score of 1-2.  Gilligan and Kantor-Smith put an a terrific stand of 65 runs. Gilligan was eventually dismissed for 25, and Kantor-Smith followed soon after, “lbw” off the middle of the bat for 29. Johnston was caught for 5, and Reed was caught chipping a ball in the air for 1, and Sentarou Murata-Davidson followed the exact same way for 18. It was so similar, it was like watching a replay.

Talking about replays, Manly in the blink of an eye, had lost 5-28, collapsing as they had in last game. Will Pavely and Kai Connors were determined to put a stop to it and together they slowly edged closer to that elusive target of 115. Finally, with Manly on 113, Will Pavely was caught, cruelly unable to stay for the winning runs. Vajdic helped Connors cross the line, and Manly had their first win of the season.


As a final word, it is worth noting that no Manly batsman was out bowled, whereas, last week the majority of batsmen were. See you next week


Man of the match – Mitch Gilligan with 3/11 & 25 runs

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