U11 President's Cup Round 3
Date of Event : Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:33PM

A field day for Manly cricket
Round 3 vs Blacktown
Under 11 Presidents Colin Cooper Cup
Sunday 10th December at Harbord Park, Freshwater
Manly Warringah won the toss and elected to bat
Manly Warringah 5/168 (40 overs) defeated Blacktown all out 63 (33.1 overs)
Jack Donnan 49, Angus Williams 28, Robbie Tipton 14, Zach O’Sullivan 11 n.o., Angus McGrath 11
Will Read 4-3-0-3, Jack Toohey 4-0-0-9, Saurav Holla 4-0-0-9, Zach Buchanan 4-2-1-7, Archie Rochford 4-0-0-12, Dylan
Nockolds 3-2-3-1, Robbie Tipton 2-0-1-6, Angus McGrath 2-0-0-3, Angus Williams 3-1-2-5, Dustin Labador 2.1-1-1-1, Jack
Donnan 2-1-0-1,
Zach O’Sullivan - 2 stumpings, 1 run out assist
6 Catches – Buchanan (2), Nockolds, Williams, McGrath, Rochford
2 runouts – Rochford (direct), Labador/O’Sullivan
A beautiful Summer’s day for cricket at Manly. The Presidents Cup team arrived in high
spirits, unbeaten and knowing their DCA peers were playing in the final. High spirits and
hopes of DCA glory switched to confidence when skipper Angus ‘Willow’ Williams won his
third toss in a row (a hat-trick) and elected to bat.
Angus McGrath and Robbie Tipton had the Blacktown bowlers under control. They posted
30 off the opening bowlers, but it was the first delivery from the first change bowler that
undid this partnership. Robbie drove the full toss to mid-on and was caught for 14. One,
often brings two and it certainly did today. Six runs later both openers out (2/36).
Up stepped the Skipper (at No.3) and Vice-Captain Jack Donnan (at No.4). Look out
Blacktown! A superb hour-long and 74-run partnership followed. It had everything; a patient
start, quick singles, strong and smart shot selection. This was classy to watch. After the
twentieth over they applied cool acceleration and the boundaries came. By over 28 the pair
had pushed Manly past a hundred and to a strong position (2/110).

Willow’s knock came to an end with the next ball which removed all three of the spring-
loaded stumps. But, the Skipper’s wicket didn’t rattle the Vice-Captain whose innings

continued; it would take something special to get him out today. Unfortunately, for Manly

supporters, something special arrived. A direct-hit run-out dislodged both bails by a hairs-
breadth, and Donnan (49) was OUT - literally millimetres from a fifty that he well-deserved.

Manly, now strong at 4 for 150. Skipper, team mates, opposition and supporters all clapped
him from the field and celebrated, rather than commiserated, his assertive running. It was
an innings that put-the-team-first, and put personal milestones second.
Although a Frog and Zebra opened the Manly innings, it was nice to see it closed with no
ducks. O’Sullivan, Labador and Nockolds all added runs, and when lunch arrived it was 5 for
168. This would be tough for Blacktown to chase down.

Catches win matches and - as I’ve said before - this team fields brilliantly. So it was a
surprise to see an early drop from a chance created from a good delivery from Will ‘Reedy’
Read; who finished the day with three maidens in a row and just 3 runs from his four overs.
Like Blacktown, for Manly it was the first change bowlers Saurav and Zach B that brought
the wickets. This time a catch by Dustin off Zach B’s first over left Blacktown 1/12 off 8
overs. One often brings two, but not normally like this. With only one stump to aim at
Archie Rochford threw it down (direct-hit) and by drinks Blacktown were 2/21 off ten.
Blacktown didn’t look like they could accelerate. Instead, it was Manly’s pace that
quickened, this time in the field. The twenty overs between the first drinks (at 2/21) and the
last drinks (at 8/56), saw six wickets and just 35 runs. A steady knock by Blacktown’s No. 4
(45 mins, 7 runs) and No. 8 (45 mins, 12 runs) was the strongest resistance.
One often brings two, but the Skipper must have felt that hat-tricks were in the air after
winning the toss three from three. None came closer than Dylan. Having snared two wickets
off the last two balls of his first over (the first stumped by O’Sullivan and the second caught
by Zach B), Dylan narrowly missed a hat-trick when the first ball of his next over was snicked
between slips and keeper. It really is a game of millimetres.
The Skipper had his own hat-trick chance in the 27th over. Taking two wickets off the fourth
and fifth balls, the first another stumping by O’Sullivan and the second a catch by Rochford.
The field moved in but again, no hat-trick. Once again one had brought two, but not three.
Blacktown were never in this game. Outplayed, by a superb Manly performance proving
that cricket is a team game. With the exception of the brilliant direct hit by Rochford for his
run out, all of Manly’s wickets came through partnerships. Two stumpings, six caught in the
outfield, plus a run out by Dustin assisted by the keeper. Great bowling all round.
When the game was won, and as we waited for confirmation of the DCAs win [well done
Champions!], I had time for quiet chat with the vice-captain. I was pleased to find him far
from disappointed on falling short of his 50. He was beaming as he told me his 49 was his
personal best. His two partnerships (worth 74 and 40) set up this win. Putting the team first
and knowing every run could have counted he told me ‘it was all about getting the team
over the line’. He’s right, every dot ball, every stop, every wicket, every call and every pat on
the back by any player in this team counts.
As the heat of the day dropped, I was reminded that Winter [sorry Christmas]-is-coming and
this was a game of throws. The throw that got Jack on 49; and that brilliant throw at the
single-stump by Archie. But, North Shore (and Round 4) are coming too and the President’s
cup team can’t wait.
One brings two, but who cares? Not Manly, three from three.

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