U11 Presidents Cup R1 Match Report
Date of Event : Tue Nov 28, 2017 9:44AM

A ‘ripper’ start to the season


Under 11 Presidents Colin Cooper Cup

Sunday 26th November at Harbord Park, Freshwater


Manly Warringah won the toss and elected to bat


Manly Warringah 8/116 (40 overs) defeated Penrith all out 62 (30.3 overs)

Dustin Labador 24 n.o., Jack Toohey 17, Jack Donnan 16, Archie Rochford 13. Dylan Nockolds 10


Robbie Tipton 4-0-1-12Will Read 4-0-0-12, Saurav Holla 4-3-0-1Zach Buchanan 4-3-2-4Dustin Labador 3-1-1-8Archie Rochford 3-0-0-14, Dylan Nockolds 4-2-3-3Jack Donnan 4-1-1-4Angus McGrath 0.3-0-1-1


Zach O’Sullivan - 1 catch, 2 stumpings, 2 run outs


Manly-Warringah arrived at Harbord Park confident but cautious. Coming back-to-back off a narrow victory against Penrith in the previous week’s trial Manly were ready for a tight first round. It was a beautiful day and the Round 1 butterflies disappeared quickly when Penrith lost the toss and Manly, led by Angus ‘Willow’ Williams, elected to bat.


Openers Jack Toohey and Angus McGrath saw off the first spell and together made 14 off the first 8 overs, the solid start before the solid partnership was broken by Penrith’s second change bowler.


The men from the foot of the mountains made scoring tough with some good ground fielding and tight bowling, but Manly made steady progress. The top four all spent good time at the crease and, once the shine was off the ball, the run rate gently climbed. Manly was 2 for 40 at drinks, but - beware the break - two quick wickets soon had Manly 4 for 49. Zach O’Sullivan was probably the unluckiest, caught behind with the faintest feather on a good delivery. However, Sully’s own time with the gloves would come.


Anything over 100 was looking good, but the run rate needed a boost to get there. It got one. Jack Donnan (16), Dylan Nockolds (10) and Zach Buchanan (7) all found the rope with boundaries. Then, some quick singles and strong running in a 25-run eighth wicket partnership between Archie Rochford (13) and Dustin Labador (24 n.o.) was key to posting a three-figure score. A late wicket, plus a sneaky bye to the keeper off the last ball took Manly to 8 for 116 when lunch ended the innings.


The 116 total looked defendable; but Manly would need to be on top of their bowling and fielding to do so. Fielding is this team’s strength and from the first over Manly were not just on top - they were all over it.


Penrith’s opening bats knew runs would be hard to come by. In the trial the previous week the opening quicks Robbie Tipton and Will Read had restricted Penrith by bowling five maidens out of the first six overs. This week was an equally good start. Third ball of the match Penrith set off for a quick single, but the Robbie pounced from point and returned a great throw to Zach O who whipped off the bails and the non-striker was out without facing. Penrith 1 for 0. Game on. A second run out (assist. Dustin & Sully), a wicket clean bowled by Robbie plus some tight into-the-wind bowling from Will Read had Penrith on the ropes. After the first 8 overs Penrith were 3 for 24.


The change-up brought no relief to Penrith; it just brought Surav and Zach B and they had both brought maidens with them - good ones too! This was fortunate because the Penrith No.3 batsman was a gun. He had put up a good fight in the trial and was setting his sights on another big score here. What came next was special.


Although they’d bowled one maiden each it was clear to the Skipper and coach that, with the wind direction,  the Surav and Zach B were on from the wrong-ends. The decision to switch their ends, by bringing on Dustin, paid off. Big-time! With his accurate off-spin, Dustydisarmed the Penrith No.3 with a super caught and bowled. Penrith 4 for 31.


What followed was a strong display of bowling, ground fielding and wicket keeping.


Having switched ends Surav now into the wind (0 for 1 off four) and Zach B with the wind at his back (2 for 4 off four) produced a great tight spell – Zach’s wickets courtesy of two tremendous catches – a steepler from Archie and a catch-of-the-match at first slip from Jack Toohey. Penrith on the ropes, but more great cricket from Manly was still to come.


The next bowling partnership was a trio. Up stepped DylanDonnan and Sully. Following in the footsteps of giants they launched their attack on the tail. Donnan opens with a wicket off the last ball of his first over - caught behind by Sully (Penrith 7 for 56); not to be out done Dylan rips into his leg-spin and snags his first wicket thanks to a sharp stumping. Donnan follows-up with another maiden, but Dylan’s third over was unplayable (unless you were the keeper, right Sully?). It was a double-wicket maiden and included a second super stumping from a turning leg break, followed by a top-spinner which was too good and bowled their No.11. Penrith went from 6 for 56 to 10 for 56 in a spell of bowling and wicket-keeping that would have been too good even for Harry Potter!


Penrith on 10 for 56 – but it’s not game over. In the President’s Cup you need 11 wickets. After a few more overs and a couple of runs it was 30 overs and drinks, but – beware the break.  Up springs Angus McGrath (aka Zebra) with his stripes freshly whitened and the score on 10 for 61. Three balls - [Dot] [wide] [wicket]. Clean bowled middle stump. This Zebra’s not scared of Panthers.


Game over, Penrith all out for 62 off 30.3 overs.


After the game we got a few words from Dylan on his ripping spell  ‘Sully’s keeping was outstanding. I was just trying to land it on a good length and get as much spin as I could’.


The Skipper (Angus Williams) also commented and puts the win down to great team spirit ‘It was a great start to the Comp for Manly, all the boys contributed and we had fun doing it.’


Well said Willow. One from one and a trip to Sutherland beckons. This team is a pleasure to watch!


Duncan Read




Kind Regards


Paul O’Sullivan

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Thanks to Jon Watts for this report.

Manly 8/213 (Molyneux 57, Colyer 37, Jones 30) defeated Hawkesbury all out 133 (Park 2/12, McGregor 2/21, Watts 2/27)

The Under 16's continued their impressive progress to the semi finals with a comprehensive victory over Hawkesbury at Mike Pawley Oval on Sunday. Despite a few early scares, this was another solid performance with all members of the team contributing at some stage.


Watts chose to bat on a good wicket, albeit the outfield was slower than one would normally expect, but it was Hawkesbury who began with a charge picking up the early scalps of Osborne and Ovenden. Such a shaky beginning meant a period of consolidation as Mendel and Colyer tempered their normally aggressive approach as both made sensible contributions. However, wickets continued to fall and the boys found themselves at 4-46 before the innings really found momentum. In particular, the judicious hitting and aggressive running of Molyneux and debutant Jones changed the course of the game. Jones showed no nerves and easily won the Molyneux lookalike competition in an entertaining stand with his mentor. The excellent tempo continued as Bennett and Watts both produced good cameos as the score eased past 200 (well above expectations at the halfway point).


The visitors innings began in a very sedate manner; a more agricultural approach would certainly have been more applicable from the Hawkesbury men as they dawdled along at less than 2 runs per over with Hobson and Park bowling excellent early spells. With Bennett injured, the team were down a bowler, but all those used produced excellent tight spells and only one partnership from the visitors briefly threatened to cause any damage. As it was Park, McGregor and Watts each picked up 2 wickets and there were two sharp run outs to cap a comfortable win.


Manly eagerly await next Sunday with another home game against old foes North Shore.

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