Sports Grounds - Have Your Say
Date of Event : Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:17PM

MWJCA strongly urges every individual and every family to act now to request Council address the shortage of sports grounds and overuse of existing grounds in our area. 


This is not about Golfers Vs Other Sports Users, it is about the shortage of sporting fields on the Northern Beaches.


Here is why:

  • Governments are concerned at an increase in obesity, therefore the number of fields should increase with a corresponding increase in the population. In the Northern Beaches Council area, the population has risen 21.85% in the past 29 years (ie 1986 to 2015 Bureau of Stats Figures), yet there has been very little increase in the number of sports fields during that time.

  • Northern Beaches Council has prepared a comprehensive discussion paper to assist residents with having an informed opinion on the status of our sports grounds. This Paper contains details to confirm what we have been saying: there are not enough grounds, many of the grounds are overused and this leads to poor playing surfaces. Page 2 of this short brochure contains a brief summary of the results from Council’s review.

  • The more detailed discussion paper and study can be found at

  • Based on the review by Council there is currently a shortfall of 25 sports fields. This is forecast to increase to over 41 sports fields by the year 2031. This takes into account an increase in population but does not include some other factors such as the likely increase in female participation expected in many different sports including cricket.

  • Council’s study has included 4 actions to increase the current deficiency of grounds. This includes better use of existing fields, increasing the number of synthetic fields, new fields with any land release and conversion of golf course land. The graph on page 19 of the discussion paper shows that even with implementation of the 4 actions as proposed, this will not meet the demands in the 15 year planning period.

  • The decision on where Council’s strategy goes will be political. Therefore numbers and votes count. Some months ago when this issue was in the media, the overwhelming response was by golfers. If the same occurs now and no action is taken to improve the number of grounds, then sport users will have no one to blame but themselves for not speaking out.

  • So for you to make a difference, you must show your support for change by writing to the Manly Daily AND responding to Council NOW as submissions close on 7th May. Regardless of your support for one or more of the proposed actions, have you say and let Council know your opinion.

  • You can use the following Council link to make a submission, I And also write a few words to the Manly Daily at

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