Web Site & Social Media Childrens Policy

In October 2016 MWJCA voted unanimously to adopt the guidelines provided by Cricket NSW and with regard to children appearing on the MWJCA web site and Facebook pages. The purpose of the policy is to protect childrens' anonymity and privacy. The following guidelines relating to posting online articles and posts about children were adopted.


  1. Photos will not be displayed of children identifying their first and last names. Articles that name players who win an award should be posted without a photo of the individual.

  2. Articles will not mention where a player goes to school, unless it's unavoidable due to the club also being a school. Any other information about the player's schooling, such as which year they're in, should be avoided.

  3. A player's personal contact information such as address, email, phone number etc will not be mentioned. 

  4. Articles will avoid mention of a a player's hobbies, likes/dislikes, favourite places etc. 

  5. Where photos of a player are published they will be appropriate cricket photos of the child, not other photos. Only cricket photos of the player appropriately dressed will be used.