Scoring is a key role in cricket match. Without a good scorer nobody would know how many runs to be chased, how many runs a batter scored or wickets a bowler took. In the beginning it can be daunting to do the scoring. But with a little bit of practice it gets easier, and is a really enjoyable way to participate in cricket. 

MWJCA runs an information evening each year that provides an introduction to cricket scoring and how to enter match data and player statistics into MyCricket. This data stays with a player for the rest of their life so we owe it to our young boys and girls to get it right.

This page contains links to some useful resources which you can download and print out for reference while scoring. For the real enthusiasts the book "Tom Smith’s Cricket Umpiring And Scoring” by MCC ISBN: 978-0-297-86641-1 is generally recognised as the "bible" on the matter.


For anyone interested in going to the next level which is linear scoring, resources on the internet seem to be scarce on the topic, but NSW Cricket Umpires & Scorers have some information at|21363v

If you need some help with the MyCricket Scorer app on your Apple or Android device, you may find these these links useful:


If you get stuck or have any questions please feel free to ask your club for advice. If they're not sure of the answer they can raise it with MWJCA.