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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
19410416041514902319716694*Alex CooperWakehurst Orange2019/2020Under 13 Division 16 1Wakehurst Green
28511549321514476319718985*Scott TiptonPeninsula Kingfishers2019/2020Under 13 Division 110 1Wakehurst Red
37612547721514728319717876Lachlan JurcevicSPX Black2019/2020Under 13 Division 18 1Wakehurst Red
47410416041514902319719374*Alex CooperWakehurst Orange2019/2020Under 13 Division 111 1Seaforth Sixers
57210416041514902319720472*Alex CooperWakehurst Orange2019/2020Under 13 Division 113 1Harbord Skylanders
66910416041514902319713369*Alex CooperWakehurst Orange2019/2020Under 13 Division 11 1Seaforth Scorpions
76814265331514616319720668*Lukas OverhoffSeaforth Sixers2019/2020Under 13 Division 113 1Collaroy Plateau Power
86514426711514476319720265*Harry ClaremontPeninsula Kingfishers2019/2020Under 13 Division 112 1Wakehurst Green
96311551391514616319719263*Dylan DepreeSeaforth Scorpions2019/2020Under 13 Division 111 1Harbord Skylanders
106210416041514902319716062*Alex CooperWakehurst Orange2019/2020Under 13 Division 15 1Collaroy Plateau Power
116212535061514002319720462*ROBBIE GRAHAM MCDOWELLHarbord Skylanders2019/2020Under 13 Division 113 1Wakehurst Orange
125910050141513897319720959*Charlie WoolfForest White2019/2020Under 13 Division 113 1SPX Red
135912470621514902319717859Harry McCrackenWakehurst Red2019/2020Under 13 Division 18 1SPX Black
145712672671514728319719757*Ben VaccarellaSPX Red2019/2020Under 13 Division 111 1SPX Black
155611104931513696319716756*Harley CruickshankCollaroy Plateau Power2019/2020Under 13 Division 16 1Wakehurst Red
165611372991514688319714756*Rory TooleSt Augustines Gold2019/2020Under 13 Division 13 1SPX Black
175411350501514002319713854*Bill MartinHarbord Skylanders2019/2020Under 13 Division 12 1Wakehurst Orange
185316199931514688319714153*luke PetersSt Augustines Gold2019/2020Under 13 Division 12 1Wakehurst Green
195310416041514902319713853Alex CooperWakehurst Orange2019/2020Under 13 Division 12 1Harbord Skylanders
205210416041514902319717752*Alex CooperWakehurst Orange2019/2020Under 13 Division 18 1Forest White
215211104931513696319714552*Harley CruickshankCollaroy Plateau Power2019/2020Under 13 Division 13 1Seaforth Scorpions
225214521891514616319718652*Claude RemondSeaforth Sixers2019/2020Under 13 Division 110 1Harbord Skylanders
235217582271514902319720452Ben DwyerWakehurst Orange2019/2020Under 13 Division 113 1Harbord Skylanders
24519617911514688319713551Luke KennedySt Augustines Gold2019/2020Under 13 Division 11 1Collaroy Plateau Power
255010416041514902319718850Alex CooperWakehurst Orange2019/2020Under 13 Division 110 1St Augustines Gold
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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