Manly Mini Bash 05

Manly Mini Bash 05 2018


MWJCA's mid-season T20 tournament called the “Manly Mini Bash” (MMB) is to commence again in February 2018. The format will be very similar to MMB04 with some minor changes.

The purpose of MMB is to provide players with an opportunity to play T20 cricket which they might not otherwise encounter. It will be run over 5 weeks in Feb/Mar as 3 rounds followed by semi-finals in week 4 and finals in week 5.



MMB Principles

  • T20 cricket is here to stay and is more and more becoming an important part of cricket at all levels.
  • MMB aims to provide a pressure-free environment in which players can enjoy T20 cricket. In earlier years MMB was often the only chance players had to play T20.
  • Player stats are not recorded in MyCricket so averages, end of season awards etc are unaffected.
  • Participation and fun are prioritised over winning.
  • By holding it on weekday evenings it can relieve the pressure on coaches to keep providing engaging coaching sessions. 
  • MMB has a modified rules and points system to provide incentives and rewards for various achievements. 


It is a separate tournament to the MWJCA Sat morning competition, therefore:

  • Match results have no impact on the Sat morning competition ladders

  • Player scores have no impact on individual player awards at the end of the season

  • Match results and scores have no bearing on club championship points

  • Match data is not entered into MyCricket 

We get consistent feedback that this lack of statistics and record keeping provides an environment in which players are free to experiment and play in a relaxed, enjoyable manner. Both players and parents enjoy the tournament and many teams use it as an opportunity to enjoy an early-evennig BBQ and perhaps a glass of wine while watching some entertaining cricket. 



In 2018 there will be MMB leagues for boys' age groups U11/1 and above. For logistical reasons, it may not be possible for every team to play, although a great deal of effort is made to try to accommodate teams which have expressed a desire to take part.  We will seek early expressions of interest to find out which teams want to play and will try to ensure as much participation as possible regardless of ladder positions in Sat morning comp. Participation is free - there are no fees to be paid by players or clubs and MWJCA provides the balls.

MMB has one or more leagues per age group. We use the term "leagues" to differentiate from the Sat morning "divisions". Your team may be in division 1 on Sat mornings, but league 2 in MMB. Allocation to a league is dependent on ladder positions in Sat morning comp as at Christmas. Each team in a league of four will play each other once, followed by a knockout semi-final where the 1st-placed team plays the 4th-placed team, and the 2nd team plays the 3rd. The winners of the semi-finals play each other in the final. Washouts can't be rescheduled and points will be shared evenly. In the event of semi-finals being washed out the final will be played between the top 2 placed teams after the initial 3 rounds.



As far as possible, teams are expected to be comprised of the same players as for Saturday morning junior competition. Players should have played at least one match for the team in this season's Sat morning comp. Players who play up a year in Sat morning comp must continue to play in that age group and may not drop down a year for Manly Mini Bash.

It is recognised that teams may be short of players available to play and in these circumstances it is permissible for players in the same/younger age group in the same club to be part of the team in order to ensure teams are able to take part, even if these players have not played any games for the team in Saturday morning junior competition.

Whilst participation is a key part of the tournament, it would be counter to the spirit of the Manly Mini Bash to “draft in” players of a particularly high standard purely to strengthen a team’s chances of winning. Bringing in players of a similar standard to make up for unavoidable shortfalls of player numbers is encouraged to ensure everyone gets as much match play as possible.




Match fixtures, dates, and venues are largely driven by ground availability. Where possible matches in a league are played the same week night each week starting at 4:45pm. This is usually Tuesdays or Thursdays but some matches may have to be scheduled for Wednesdays if grounds are not available.



Tournament rules are very different to Sat morning comp. Detailed playing regulations are published on the MWJCA web site and coaches, managers and scorers should familliarise themselves with them before the tournament starts as there are some major differences (eg treatment of no balls and wides). There is also an extremely strong focus on getting through the overs in the time provided to avoid play during the hours of dusk which can be dangerous. A brief summary is provided here, but please read the detailed playing regulations for a full description.

  • Matches will start at 4:45pm and finish no later than 7:15pm (except for "super over" games)

  • Max length of an innings is 70 mins. Max interval between innings is 10 mins

  • Matches to be played with a single orange ball (same ball used for both innings) provided by MWJCA

  • Boundaries are shortened to encourage aggressive batting

  • "5 + 5” rules for batsmen and bowlers (similar to Sat morning 1-day matches)

  • Next batsman in must be ready to face within 60 seconds or be timed out

  • Batsmen retire on 40 runs or 10 overs (whichever is first) but can go back in

  • 2 bowlers @ max 4 overs + 4 bowlers @ max 3 overs. Max 2 overs in a spell

  • Max 8 balls / over, except last over which must have 6 legal deliveries

  • Front foot no balls result in a free hit

  • Except for U11s and U12s, 1st wide/no ball in over = 1 sundry, subsequent wides/no balls in that over = 3 sundries each

  • Each team must bat for at least 5 overs to make a match

  • In the event of equal scores the match result is to be decided by a “super over” with the team scoring the most runs in the super over being declared the winner. Both coaches must assess and agree whether there is sufficient light for the "super over" to proceed safely.


The points system is not based purely on wins vs losses. Instead, it's designed with a bonus system to reward certain aspects of cricket.

Points for winning:

  • If there is no “super over” 6 points are awarded for winning, 0 for losing. If a “super over” is played 4 points for winning, 2 for losing.

  • 3 points awarded to each team in the case of a tie or a washout.

Additional bonus points as rewards for cricketing skills:

  • 1 point for every individual batsman’s score of 20, 40, 60 etc

  • 1 point for every 3 wickets taken + 2 bonus points for getting the team all out

  • 1 point for passing 1st team’s runs in < 80% of overs available (e.g. < 16 complete overs in a full game)

  • 1 point for restricting 2nd team's runs to < 80% of 1st team's runs

  • 1 point for each maiden over bowled

  • A team can play their "Joker" in one (and only one) match in order to earn extra bonus points


  • Semi-finals are a knockout round where the 1st-placed team plays the 4th-placed  team, and the 2nd team plays the 3rd.
    If teams are tied on points after 3 rounds, 0.1 points will be awarded to the team that scored more points when they played each other; if they scored equal points the team that won the match will be awarded the extra 0.1 points.

  • The winners of the semi-finals play each other in the final. In the event of semi-finals being washed out the final will be played between the top 2 placed teams after the initial 3 rounds.

  • Semi-finals and finals are decided simply by the most runs. No bonus points system is in place for semi-finals or finals so match result sheets are not required

  • Finals will be played mid-week to avoid player clashes with Presidents Cup and other weekend matches. Independent umpires will be allocated for finals. The batting team will provide the square-leg umpire.


A Manly Mini Bash match result sheet must be submitted to competition organisers on the same night the match is completed so that points can be calculated. Only one match result sheet should be submitted per match - one sheet which must be signed by both teams, so scorers need to complete this together at the end of the match and sign it. The winning team is responsible for submitting it. Scorebook sheets are not required, nor should the stats or results be entered into MyCricket, but please note that score sheets still need to be compiled during play in order to generate the figures for the match result sheet. Once submitted match result sheets may not be amended so its important that both teams agree and sign them on the night of the match.

As part of their team role, managers are asked to ensure that scorers understand the modified MMB rules (eg extra sundries for 2nd and subsequent wides/no balls in an over) and how to complete the results sheet. As for Sat morning comp, MWJCA recommend that the same person score all the matches as this usually achieves a better result. The match results sheets provide guidance on page 2 on how to fill in the fields, so please make that known to whoever is scoring and ensure both sides of the results sheet are printed. Even though we're now in the fifth year of MMB there can be issues and misunderstandings, so please feel free to provide any feedback (good or bad!) in the Notes/Comments section.

League ladders are published on the MWJCA web site following the calculation of each round's results sheets. Neither match results nor player stats will be entered into MyCricket.